Facts about Grums

Grums is a modern go-ahead community, with its origin in prehistoric time situated on the north-west shore of lake Vänern.


Communications by main roads, railway and IT are well developed. It is not far from the county airport nearby out in the world - scheduled traffic to Stockholm, Malmö and Copenhagen and charter traffic to a number of places.

Trade and industry

Trade and industry is constantly developing in the region. A new trade building is being planned to meet new companies´ demand for suitable premises. Economic life is today largely characterised by forest and engineering industry but also by service companies. There is a growing number of small enterprises.

Municipal services

Grums offers high quality municipal services. There is a number of daycare and after-school recreation centres as well as primary and secondary schools in all parts of the region. Upper secondary school and adult education are located to the centre of Grums. Eldercare and supporting the disabled etc are in focus.

In Grums you can choose to live in your own private house, in a co-operative flat or in a flat with right of tenancy. Irrespective of which you prefer you live close to service and recreational activities. Those who choose to live in Grums can derive the advantages a small municipality can offer such as nearness, security and harmony. Nearness to Karlstad gives you the possibility to benefit from a bigger city.

Activities and outdoor life

Grums is characterised by rich club activities representing practically all trends in taste. Music has for long been very important to everyone, as well as traditions like ice hockey and bandy. A large system of lakes, connected with lake Vänern, goes through the rural landscape and guest harbours, bike and footpaths, as well as access to woods and fields vouch for a magnificent outdoor life.

Uppdaterad: 2023-07-31