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Grums is situated by lake Vänern in the southwest of Värmland where the roads E 18 and E 45 meet. Popular places to visit are the Art hall Sliperiet, situated in Borgvik, and Värmskogs Café by lake Värmeln.

Welcome to discover Grums a municipality close to Vänern, in the region of Karlstad in Värmland. You have probably passed here and maybe you have stopped at Nyängen for a short break. In Grums municipality the two European roads E 18 and E 45 meet and about 15 000 vehicles travel there every day.

Apart from lake Vänern there is a large system of lakes which leads up to lake Glafsfjorden.

In Borgvik there is a very old and well-preserved industrial environment which also offers culture from today through a big Art hall named Sliperiet (= the grindery). In Borgvik there are also different kinds of arrangements made.

Värmskog, another little village in Grums municipality, offers a visit to a memorial estate where LM Eriksson, the magnate of telephony, was born. Värmskog is also known for its café, situated by the shore of lake Värmeln.

If you can take the time to go further in to our landscape Värmland you will see that there is a lot to discover. To discover the whole landscape Värmland:
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Grums municipality cooperate with the Region of Karlstad. More information about tourism in the Region of Karlstad:
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Tourist Information
Telephone: +46 (0)555-420 67

Maria Röhr
Business Development Manager
Telephone: +46 (0)555-420 54

Anna-Maria Jäger
Business Development
Telephone: +46 (0)555-421 46

Grums municipality cooperate with the education of tourism at Karlstad University. They welcome trainees and hold lectures for the students.

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