Swedish for Immigrants - SFI

When you are a newly arrived immigrant and want to study Swedish for Immigrants - SFI please contact us at adult education Komvux in Grums municipality. We will guide you further.

Our office is situated at Sveagatan 61 in Grums. We have application forms for both the SFI and the civic orientation. Visits should be booked in advance. Applications are made on-site. 

If you are seeking asylum and have questions about SFI studies, you should contact the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket).
Swedish Migration Agency Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster.

SFI courses

SFI is divided into four levels, A-D, depending on prior knowledge. The program begins through assessing your level during the first week.

SFI in Karlstad and Säffle

If you live in Grums and have received a residence permit you can study SFI in Karlstad or in Säffle Learning center. You can apply through us at the adult education Komvux in Grums.

If you attend the Swedish Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) expansion plan/support you must study in Karlstad. This ensures that you are then linked to the Employment Service's activities during the second half of the day.

If you have an introduction plan with the Swedish Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen)

The establishment consists of three parts which are all compulsory and equally important. If you fail in any of these three elements, you risk losing part of your introduction benefit.

The Employment Service is responsible for one part that involves work experience, studies such as Lernia etc. The municipality is responsible for the other two parts; 1) to get to read the SFI and 2) to get the course civic orientation in 100 hours.

The SFI course takes place in Karlstad at Karlstad adult education Komvux or with other external educators that the municipality of Karlstad decides.

Civic orientation is provided by the Folk High School in Värmland and is in the form of 16-17 lessons by the length of six hours. The goal is that everyone should be able to attend the course in their native language. The course is conducted either on Molkoms Folk High School in Molkom (in municipality of Karlstad) or at their branch office in Karlstad. After completing the course you will receive a course certificate.

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